Article from "All American Chevys" magazine

Amy Shiotani is a acclaimed artist and well known fashion photographer,

recruited by a close friend recently to take pictures of his 1955 Chevrolet.

Adept at angles and balance, color and depth, she turned her skills toward

automobiles with the same enthusiasm. As her pal stated, "When I watched

her work, I could have sworn my car was starting to pose!"

Breathing life into her pictures, Amy is currently compiling a collection of

classic car photographs in anticipation of cataloging the vintage vehicles

along with their owners for an upcoming book.

Computer & Internet, "Women On Top" magazine

By Amy Shiotani

Digital retouching is fast becoming a very unique form of art. As a

Photographer and Digital Designer, ancient black and whites, 20th Century

color pictures and the newest digital photographs can be captured and

converted instantaneously into spectacular and stunning visual images. Make

no mistake - creativity coupled with computer technology gets the best look!

Catchy, sexy - sharp!

Whether compiling a catalog or designing a web page, the new spin is going

digital and products and services are changing - attempting to catch up with

the speed of light. Take an old and damaged picture, add a little digital

sculpting and what do you have? Grandad looking as good as new. Dark

circles, laugh lines and wrinkles - fading into the past.

"Wom, mom, wow." People used to flip and now they are doing cartwheels.

Accuracy and information, images and music, add a little here, take a little

there, airbrush, crop, expand and shade. Fade in, fade out, maximize,

minimize, let your dreams come true. Digital retouching requires a steady

hand, trained eye and plenty of imagination. Bad day, who cares? Science

and art - a perfect blend. Go ahead, touch me, gently...and do it again.

With computers and the internet, my little business has exploded. E-mail

after e-mail setting up photo sessions and shoots. And then the fun

begins...working with the actors and actresses, models, the people and their

products. Take me to Italy, send Mom flowers in Japan, get the Jamaican

Jerk chicken recipe and listen to some tunes, contemporaneously . All the

while promoting Check it out. Take a peek and see. Get

ready for the next wave - cause if you're going digital, do it in!
Amy Shiotani is a international fashion photographer/digital designer based in Los PAngeles.

Her work has been seen in many magazines and news papers

Amy Shiotani's photography is featured in this calender. If you would like to purchase the a copy, please visit

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